True Home Hawaii

Mike Colosimo


Meet Mike Colosimo, the owner and papa bear of True Home Hawaii. Originally from Chicago, Mike moved to Oahu in search of a simpler life to raise his family. He and his wife, Nicole, have placed roots on the North Shore with their three beautiful children: Bella, the diva; Harper, the angel; and sweet baby Cruz. Mike created the idea of True Home behind a lifestyle. He wanted to create a thriving, trusted company that also allowed for him to be present at home, and he has created just that.

Skilled in all facets of roofing, Mike can run circles around anyone. You will see him at almost every job site: checking in, bringing lunch, pounding nails and--most importantly--chatting and laughing. You can't miss him, especially in his blue trademark sunglasses. Mike has the warmest welcome and an answer for everything. His staff can truly be themselves around him and know that their ideas will be heard and implemented; Mike wants his employees to reach their potential and use their own creativity to succeed.

When not at work, Mike is with his family or the True Home Ohana: skating with Bella and Harper, or jumping on the tramp; bouncing Cruz or changing his diapers; hosting Christmas at his house with both staff and family; or flipping burgers once a month at True Home BBQ's. You'll see him surfing with Chris and Nick, two of our project managers, shooting pool at Kemoo Pub with the roofers, or you’ll find him in Vegas—with EVERYONE.

Mike is the overall reason why people and employees love True Home Hawaii. He makes you feel like family, and he will only make a decision if it benefits his clients, employees and the company as a whole.


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