True Home Hawaii


True Home is an ohana based company run by the golden rule, backed by 5 star reviews and warrantees.

Any roof that is 15years or older, any roof that is leaking has damage or missing shingles. Damage is not always visible from the ground it requires an expert eye to see what qualifies. Let us get up there and take a look.

NO, the only chance of it increasing would be neighborhood wide. It is illegal to be singled out for filing a claim.

93% which if insurance is used essentially doubles! For example, say the cost of the roof replacement was determined $20,000. Its been approved and your client has to pay only their 500$ deductible.

No problem, we are happy to provide cash estimates or repairs. There is also no limit as to how times you can file a claim. We are happy to revisit at a later time, perhaps after the next storm and look for more qualifying damage.

True Home is efficient as we can be, insurance varies. Different companies take time. To get the ball rolling we usually say around 6-8 weeks from a claim being filed to setting a build date. The build depends on the size, the type of roof, and weather.