True Home Hawaii



1.    FREE INSPECTION:  our roofing experts will inspect your entire home for viable weather damage such as missing shingles, pull throughs, granular loss. They will take photos, share what they have found with you, and compile a report.

2.     Agreement form - if and when there is weather damage found, before we assist you with the insurance process, we will require that you sign an agreement form, stating that you will allow us to represent you when meeting with your insurance adjuster (*** include agreement form on the page??) And that if and when your claim is approved you allow True Home to do the work, at the cost your insurance is willing to pay for.

3.     Filing the Claim: Your True Home project manager will assist you with filing your claim. Once the claim is filed your insurance will schedule an adjuster to come take a look at your damage. Once scheduled it itís THE MOST IMPORTANT, that your project manager is present. Think of the adjustment process as mediation. We are there to make sure you get the most out of your policy. We work with adjusters all the time and know how to "talk the talkĒ to guarantee nothing is gets overlooked.

4.     Scope of work: after the adjustment is complete, if your claim is approved your insurance company will send you what is called a scope of work, or in other terms what they are agreeing to pay for. True Home will double check and supplement for anything they may have missed. Once approved, your deductible will be your only expense (usually between 500-1000$)

5.     Approval: Your insurance company will then send you two checks directly, half to begin the work, and half when the work is complete.

6.     Color selection: the fun part, we get to design you roof! Insurance will pay to restore you roof to pre-storm condition. There are multiple options, warentees or upgrade to choose from if you prefer. We will go over the final scope of work and any special requests you may have. When we choose the design of your home we also collect first payment from the check provided to you.

7.     Scheduling the build: Our timeline is varies due to weather, project volume, and product availability.

8.     Final Inspection: Once build is complete, we do a final walk through to make sure everything is up to true home standard and city code. We then close the claim and ask your insurance for final payment. True Home will come and collect check from you when it arrives.

Insentives: We will finally ask you to fill out a form about your experience with True Home, write a review, and talk with you about our 500$ referral incentive