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Best Roofs for a Hot Climate

- 3/31/2021

If you live in a hot climate zone then you will need the right roof type to keep your home comfortably cool and beat the heat.
Here are the best roofs for a hot climate:
Terra Cota Tiles
Terra Cota tiles are a hot favorite in countries with hot climates. These traditional tiles have a curvature that enables good airflow underneath for cooler conditions. These tiles have high durability as a result of which they your roof will remain intact for a longer time period.
Concrete Tiles
Concrete tiles are more economical than terra Cota tiles. S-shaped concrete tiles possess desirable properties for torrid areas. They have greater resilience against wind and soak up less water. Aesthetic appeal is another reason to consider these tiles since they are available in a wide array of colors.
Slab concrete is a good option although it can be quite heavy. The high thickness of slab concrete means that tiles made from this material take more time to heat up.
Metal Roofs
Metal roofs can be a good choice for hot areas. Although they fell out of favor some time back, they are now making a comeback due to several factors.
You might think that a metal roof is not suitable for keeping your home cool. However, metal roofs use an air barrier as an efficient thermal layer to minimize heat infiltration into your home. This air barrier can bring down cooling costs substantially.
Metal roofs possess other superlative properties like exceptional durability and high aesthetics. Metal roofs can be environmentally friendly if made out of recycled metal.
Another great benefit of metal roofs is that they could lower your homeowner insurance rate.
The best metal roofs for a hot climate, as shown above, can purvey numerous benefits besides better cooling like high durability and aesthetics.